Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note


BRYCE, TREVOR: The Trojan War in Its Near Eastern Context (1–22)

HANNIG, RAINER: Die Erste Parabel des “Lebensmüden” (LM68-80) (23–32)

HUXLEY, GEORGE: Cities Given by Kyros to Pytharchos (33–36)

SCHUBERL, WERNER: Zur Sage von Hercules und Cacus bei Vergil (Aen. 8,184–279) und Ovid (Fast. 1,543–586) (37–60)

SHEN, CHEN: The Mushabian Relationships with the Geometric Kebaran and the the Natufian (61–96)

BAYUN, LILIA: Hittito-Luwian Historical Phonology (97–122)

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