Journal of Ancient Civilizations


SHI, NINGZHONG: A Logic Originating from Yin-yang and Formed in Dao: A Tentative Study of the Logic of Thinking in Laozi (1–22)

WU, YUHONG: Some Cuneiform Tablets in Jerusalem (23–30)

ENGSHEDEN, ÅKE: Creating an Etymology for Coptic tamio (31–35)

RIDEALGH, KIM: The Cohesive Nature of the Late Ramesside Letters (36–49)

WINKLER, ANDREAS: On the Longevity of the χοαχύται in Thebes and Elsewhere (50–62)

GROTE, OLIVER: ‘The Twenty of the Polis’ and the Drerian Phylai (63–76)

GÜNTHER, SVEN: Framing the Financial Thoughts of Aeneas Tacticus: New Approaches of Theory to Economic Discourses in Antiquity (77–86)

MÜLLER, SABINE: Arrian and Visual Arts (87–101)

OBRYK, MATYLDA: Reflections on Language in Aristophanes’ Frogs (102–111)


GÜNTHER, SVEN: Miscellaneum Caesarianum Socio-oeconomicum: War with Words in Caes. BC 3.3.1–2 (112–113)


Alain SCHNAPP et al. (eds.). 2014. World Antiquarianism. Comparative Perspectives. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute (GÜNTHER, SVEN) (114–116)


Past and Future of IHAC: International Conference for the 30th Anniversary of the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (117–120)

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