Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Format Guidelines for Authors for JAC

All articles should be sent in as a Word-document or .rtf in Windows version. Please use Times New Roman for normal text, or other (Windows) Unicode fonts for special languages, e.g., Greek. Standard academic transliteration systems and hieroglyphic Egyptological fonts are also accepted. However, a copy of all specialized fonts, such as hieroglyphs, transliteration, Demotic, Coptic, Greek and Arabic, used in the manuscript should be provided as a file. Downloadable transliteration fonts, such as the CCER Transliteration font ( and the Lingua Aegyptia Umschrift font ( accepted, too.

All hieroglyphic passages used in the text should be supplied as separate artwork accompanied by the corresponding Gardiner sign-list numbers. For all signs not in Gardiner’s list please provide an enlarged version on a separate page.

Format / size:

Page format:

B 5 (JIS) (b: 18,2cm x h: 25,7)

header / footer:

1,5cm / 1,75cm


t: 3,5 cm, d: 3,0cm, l: 3,0cm, r: 2,5cm


Times New Roman for normal text / Unicode fonts for special purposes


single line, 12 pt, centered

Author´s name / University:

1,5 lines, 12 pt, centered

Plain text:

single line, 12 pt, justified, first paragraph without indention, others: first line 0.74cm.

footnote text:

single line, 10 pt

Illustrations / Images:

Please provide illustrations / images in jpg or tiff-format with high resolution (min. 300 dpi) each as a single file and mark the position in the text. The authors are responsible to have the publishing rights.

Citation of secondary literature:

We use the Harvard system (yet within footnotes!) with full reference in the bibliography at the end as follows:


Bree, L. W. de. 1942.

Jacob Roggeveen en zijn reis naar het Zuidland. Amsterdam: Van Kampen.

Articles in Journals

Claessen, H. J. M. 1997.

“The Merry Maidens of Matavai: A Survey of the Views of Eighteenth-Century Participant Observers and Moralists.” Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkennkunde (Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia) 152/2: 183–210.

Articles in editors’ collections

Bouman, C. 1911.

“Uit het journaal van Cornelis Bouman.” In: F. E. Baron Mulert (ed.), De Reis van Mr. Jacob Roggeveen ter ontdekking van het Zuidland (1721–1722). Linschoten-Vereniging 4. Gravenhage: Nijhoff, 178–205.


- classical sources should be abbreviated according to the lists of the Oxford Classical Dictionary or Liddell-Scott-Jones or Lewis-Short or Brill´s New Pauly, other abbreviations, e.g., for inscriptions or papyri according to existing standard abbreviation lists such as the Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic, and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets ( etc.

- secondary, i.e., research literature is not to be abbreviated, especially journals should be given in full name (Journal of Roman Studies instead of JRS).

If you have any questions, please contact the editors at any time (