Journal of Ancient Civilizations

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WU, YUHONG: Donkey Fodders of the House of the Lady and Decline of Urukagina’s Regime from His Fifth Year (1–20)

YUAN, ZHIHUI: Amurru’s Expansion and Egypt’s Response in the Amarna Age (21–32)

YIĞIT, TURGUT: Sequence of Internal Events During the Foundation Period of the Hittite Kingdom (33–44)

HÜNEBURG, MIRCO: Privatbesitz und Amtsbesitz der ägyptischen Nomarchen im Mittleren Reich (45–58)

BESNIER, MARIE-FRANÇOISE: Vegetation in Mesopotamian Temple Precincts: Gardens, “Sacred Groves” or Potted Plants? (59–88)

GUO, DANTONG: The Relationship between Egypt and Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2000–1550/1500 BCE.) (89–100)

REBRIK, VICTOR: Zur Frage der kartwelo-sumerischen Sprachenfamilie (101–124)

CHEN, KEFENG: A Perspective of the senatus consultum ultimum in the Late Roman Republic from the Constitutional Point of View (125–132)


Pierre Brulé, Women of Ancient Greece (GUO XIA) (133–134)

R. J. Rhodes, Athenian Democracy (VICTOR REBRIK) (135)

R. Rees, Diocletian and the Tetrarchy (VICTOR REBRIK) (136)

J. Dillon, Salt and Olives. Morality and Custom in Ancient Greece (VICTOR REBRIK) (137–138)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2004, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (139)

Books received (140)

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