Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note


GUO, DANTONG: The Relationship Between Egypt and Palestine in the Early Bronze Age (ca. 3400-2000 BCE) (1–6)

BEYLAGE, PETER: Propaganda in Ancient Egyptian Texts: An Attempt at Definition (7–12)

SILLAR, SHAMUS: The Eastern Expedition of Lucius Verus (AD162–166) (13–38)

NEWBOLD, RONALD: Ridicule, Insults and Abuse in Ammianus and Gregory of Tours (39–58)

SNEDDON, ANDREW C.: Worlds within Worlds: Perceptions of Space, Place and Landscape in Ancient Greece (59–76)

GONG, YUSHU: A Homonymous List: Idu II (CT 11, 29–32,D.T.40) (77–98)

WIDELL, MAGNUS: Reconstructing the Early History of the Ur III State: Some Methodological Considerations of the Use of Year Formulae (99–112)

WU, YUHONG: The Calendar Synchronization and the Intercalary Months in Umma, Puzriš-Dagan, Nippur, Lagaš and Ur during the Ur III Period (113–134)


Pat Southern, Augustus (WANG GUILING) (135)

Kathleen McCarthy, Slaves, Masters and the Art of Authority in Plautine Comedy (JAMES STEWART) (136–138)

Stephen R. Wilk, Medusa: Solving the Mystery of the Gorgon (XU XIAOXU) (139–143)

Rhiannon Ash, Ordering Anarchy: Leaders and Armies in Tacitus’ Histories (ZHANG NAN) (144–145)

Gary Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts. 2nd edition (LI ZHENG) (146–148)


The Development of Egyptology in China (LINHU RUOMING) (149–151)

M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2001–2002, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (152)

Books Received (153)

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