Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note

Obituary: Hu Houxuan (1–2)


HU, HOUXUAN: Xia and the Tu State in the Oracle Inscriptions: A Consideration (3–20)

BAYUN, LILIA: Remarks on Hittite “Traditional Literature” (Cannibals in Northern Syria) (21–32)

CHEN, XU: Hittite ker/kart- “Heart”: Functional and Ritual Aspects (33–40)

DUQUESNE, TERENCE: Openers of the Paths: Canid Psychopomps in Ancient Egypt and India (41–53)

GUO, DANTONG: The Inscription of Khnumhotpe II: A New Study (54–64)

LEE, THOMAS G.: A Table for Ištar (65–70)

LIN, ZHICHUN: Huangdi, Gonghe, Confucius and Chen Wang: On the Classical Tradition of the Periodization of Ancient Chinese Classical Civilization (71–82)

MELTZER, EDMUND S.: An Observation on Nominal Sentence with N-Demostratives in Classical Egyptian (83–84)

MUTSCHLER, FRITZ-HEINER: dialogi and epistulae. Observations on Seneca’s Development as a Philosophical Writer (85–100)

PÉREZ LARGACHA, ANTONIO: Chiefs & Chiefdoms in Protodynastic Egypt (101–110)

TAYLOR-BRIGGS, P. RUTH: Critical Observations on the Text of the Fourth Book of Valerius Flaccus’s Argonautica (111–126)

WU, YUHONG: High-ranking “Scribes” and Intellectual Governors during the Akkadian and Ur III Periods (127–146)


Hu Houxuan Gudai Chengbang Shi Yanjiu, “Xia and the Tu State in the Oracle Inscriptions: A Consideration”, pp. 340–353 (RI ZHI) (147–148)

Renée Friedman / Barbara Adams (ed.), The Followers of Horus. Studies Dedicated to Michael Allen Hoffman (EDMUND S. MELTZER) (149–154)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1994–1995, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (155)

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