Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note


BYRNE, SHANNON: Poets and Maecenas: The Making of a Patron (1–12)

CUEVA, EDMUND: Necrologies in Tacitus (13–28)

GOSLINE, SHELDON: What Do You Do? Reflections on (Post)-Processualism (29–42)

HARRISON, GEORGE W. M.: The Byzantine Efflorescence in Crete (43–49)

REINHARDT, KATJA: Babas Drohung (51–58)

WIDELL, MAGNUS: Some Consideration on the Meating of giš bi2-(in)-DU3 in the Royal Inscription of Utu-hegal (59–68)

WU, YANGE / RUSSEL, VICTORIA A.: Philo On the Embassy 80: Caligula Dressing as Heroes (69–78)

WU, YUHONG: How Did They Change from Mašda Years to Akiti Years from Šulgi 45 to Šulgi 48 in Puzriš-Dagan (79–92)


I. J. Vanstiphout (ed.), All those Nations…Cultural Encounters within and with the Near East (LESTER NESS) (93–96)

Lucy Goodison / Christine Morris (ed.), Ancient Goddesses. The Myths and Evidence (CAROL HERSHENSON) (97–103)

Bert Roest / Herman Vanstiphout (ed.), Aspects of Genre and Type in Pre-Modern Literary Cultures (SHELDON GOSLINE) (104–108)

Barbara Lesko, The Great Goddesses of Egypt (KATJA REINHARDT) (109–112)

J. C. Yardley / Waldemar Heckel (ed.), Justin, Epitome of the Philippic of Pompeius Trogus Books 11–22, text and commentary (XU XIAOXU) (113–118)

D. R. Shipley (ed.), Plutarch’s ‘Life of Agesilaos’: Response to Sources in the Presentation of Character, text and commentary (GEORGE W. M. HARRISON) (119–121)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1999–2000, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (122)

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