Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note


KELLEY, ALLYN: The Current Status of Egyptian Archaeology. Part I: Palaeogeographical and Palaeoclimatological Considerations (1–28)

MŰLLER-WOLLERMAN, RENATE: Sanktionen zur Regelung staatlicher Arbeiten im Ăgypten des Neuen Reichs (29–38)

DE ROOS, JOHAN: KBo 33-216. A Votive Text of Tuthaliaš IV (39–48)

WU, YUHONG: The Locality of the Four Cities in ARM 1 138 and 131 and the Date of the Two Letters (49–54)

YANG, ZHI: The King Lugal-Ane-Mundu (55–60)

BRASHEAR, WILLIAM: Rezept (61–80)

MUTSCHLER, FRITZ-HEINER: Four Poems of Horace Concerning Augustus (81–114)

SCHUBERT, WERNER: Achaemenides und Macareus. Ovids Kunst des Erzählens in Met. 14,154–440 (115–126)


Hofmann (ed.), Groningen Colloquia on the Novel. Volume 1 (IHAC) (127–129)

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