Journal of Ancient Civilizations


PICCIN, MICHELA (IHAC, NENU, Changchun): Mortality and Fame in Akkadian Texts (1–25)

FALK, DAVID A. (CNRS, UBC, Vancouver): “My Putrefaction is Myrrh:” The Lexicography of Decay, Gilded Coffins, and the Green Skin of Osiris (27–39)

RASHED, MOHAMED GAMAL (Damietta University): A New Concept and Exhibition Program for the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (41–82)

LÜ, HOULIANG (Institute of World History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Bejing): Dramatic Elements in Polybius’ General History: An Analysis Based on the Model of the Connectivity of the Ancient Mediterranean World (83–112)


SCHULZ, RAIMUND / WALTER, UWE (University of Bielefeld): Bibliographical Survey: Global History, Entangled Areas, Cultural Contacts – and the Ancient World (115–130)

Review of: Victor H. Mair et al. (eds.). 2014. Reconfiguring the Silk Road: New Research on East-West Exchange in Antiquity. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (SHI, XUELIANG; IHAC, NENU, Changchun) (131–135)

Abstracts (137–139)

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