Journal of Ancient Civilizations


PALLAVIDINI, MARTA (Free University Berlin): Shaping Diplomacy through Language: Networks of Metaphors in Hittite Diplomatic Texts (1–12)

OUYANG, XIAOLI (Fudan University): Managing the Treasuries of the Gods – Administration of the KÙ.AN in Ur III Umma (13–32)

PICCIN, MICHELA (Northwest University, SA): Assyrian Treaties: “Patchwork” Texts (33–70)

HERZ, PETER (Universität Regensburg): Bilanz eines Imperiums. Anmerkungen zum athenischen Staat des 5. Jh. v.Chr. (71–94)

RUFFING, KAI (University of Kassel): Papyri and the Economy of the Greco-Roman World (95–131)

Abstracts (133–134)

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