Journal of Ancient Civilizations


CLAESSEN, HENRI J. M.: On Early States – Structure, Development, and Fall (1–37)

GUO, ZILIN: Conflict, Communication and Co-Existence: Relations between Ptolemaic Egypt and Seleucids (38–60)

LI, XIAODONG: Connecting Past and Future: Analysis of the Wall Decoration in the Tomb of the Vizier Paser (61–98)

WU, YUHONG / WANG, JUNNA: The Identification of Šulgi-simti, Wife of Šulgi, with Abi-simti, Mother of Amar-Sin and Šu-Sin, and of Ur-Sin, the Crown Prince, with Amar-Sin (99–130)


JIANG, GUOLING: Notes on Lugal-Ma2 Gur8-Re: A Scribe and a Textile Dealer in Nippur, AS 8-ŠS 4 (131–139)

OZAKI, TOHRU: On the Reading of the Sumerian Word for “Wool” (140–142)


R. Parker, On Greek Religion. Cornell Studies in Classical Philology 60 (WANG SHAOHUI) (143–149)

Lin Zhichun (aka. RI-ZHI), Collected Works of Ri-Zhi: 5 Vols. Ed. by Zhang Qiang and Liu Jun (ZHANG NAN) (150–156)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2012, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (157–158)

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