Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note


EHRHARDT, CHRISTOPHER: Sea Power, Economic Development, and Athens’ Popularity (1–18)

ESPEJO MURIEL, CARLOS: Achilles and Patroclus in Love. New Contributions to Greek Funeral Ritual (19–26)

GOSLINE, SHELDON: Form and Function of Egyptian Bread Moulds (27–44)

GUO, DANTONG: The Inscription of Amenemhet II from Memphis: Transliteration, Translation, and Commentary (45–66)

JONES, F. M. A.: Parts versus Whole: The Perception of the Corporal as Personal (67–86)

LI, XIAODONG: Philosophical Thinking of Ma’at and Dào (87–94)

LINGHU, RUOMING: The Deities seen from the Objects in Pre-Dynastic Egypt (95–100)

SALDANHA DA GAMA, GILZA: La Batracomiomachie et l’ Iliad: Une guerre entre deux mondes (101–110)

SHAPIRO, SUSAN O.: Hippon the Athiest: The Surprisingly Intelligent Views of Samos (111–124)

WIDELL, MAGNUS: Der Mondgott Sîn in der altakkadischen Periode (125–144)


YAMAUCHI, EDWIN M.: Martin Bernal’s Black Athena Revisited (145–152)


Steve Sidebotham / Wilhelmina Wendrich (ed.), Berenike ’96. Report of the Excavations at Berenike and the Survey of the Eastern Desert (FAROUK AL-RAWI) (153)

Sheldon Lee Gosline, Hieratic Paleography 1: Introductory Late Egyptian (KATJA REINHARDT) (154–155)

B. Haring / R. Maaijer (eds.), Landless and Hungry? (SHELDON GOSLINE) (156)

A. C. V. M. Bongenaar, The Neo-Babylonian Ebabbar Temple at Sippar: Its Administration and its Prosopography (WU YUHONG) (157–161)

David P. Silverman (ed.), Searching for Ancient Egypt: Art, Architecture, and Artefacts from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (SHELDON GOSLINE) (162–163)

Maria Brosius / Amelie Kuhrt (ed.), Studies in Persian History: Essays in Memory of David M. Lewis (CHRISTOPHER EHRHARDT) (164–166)

Shannon N. Byrne / Edmund P. Cueva (ed.), Veritatis amicitiaeque causa: Essays in Honor of Anna Lydia Motto and John R. Clark (LESTER NESS) (167–169)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1998–1999, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (170)

90th Birthday of Professor Lin Zhichun, founder of the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (171)

Errata for JAC 13 (172)

Books Received (173)

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