Journal of Ancient Civilizations


OZAKI, TOHRU: Six Sumerian Cuneiform Texts in Japan (1–8)

OZAKI, TOHRU: Regarding the Name of the Month ‘iti ezem a dara4’ in Ur III Texts (9–22)

DUMBRILL, RICHARD J.: Babylonian Theonumerics and Scale Systems (23–34)

CRICKMORE, LEON: A New Hypothesis for the Construction and Tuning of Babylonian Musical Scales (35–68)

WU, YUHONG: Etymology of Akkadian Month of Ayyaru and Sumerian iti-gud-si~sá (69–74)

WU, YUHONG: The Sun the Lion: Earliest Hymn to the Sun from Ebla and Abu-Salabikh (2600–2500) (75–90)

MARSHALL, ADAM: Horace and the Life of Leisure: A Commentary on Sermones 2.6.1–76 (91–130)

WEHR, OLIVER: Eine Anspielung auf die Aeneas-Sage in Horaz Epode 16? (131–140)


Lowell Edmunds (ed.), Approaches to Greek Myth (WANG SHAOHUI) (141–148)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2006–2007, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (149)

Books Received (150)

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