Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Editor’s Note

Obituary: Zhou Gucheng (1–2)


DING, XUN: Tablet UET 6/II 398 (3–20)

DUQUESNE, TERENCE: The “Tonsured Ones” of Hathor (21–30)

GONG, CHANGWEI / LIU, JIAN: Court Institutions of the Western Zhou Dynasty Reflected in the Inscription on the Xiaoyu-Ding-Cauldron (31–42)

KYTZLER, BERNHARD: Sola Fida Suis: Die Hypsiple-Erzählung des Statius (Thebias, Buch 5) (43–52)

MELTZER, EDMUND S.: Egyptian df3 “Purify, Wipe Away”= Semitic kpr? (53–56)

ROLLER, DUANE W.: Augustan Literary Circles and Herod the Great (57–64)

WU, YUHONG: The Ewes without Lambs and Lambs Cooked in É-uz-ga, “The Private House of Kings”, in the Drehem Archives (65–110)

ZHENG, DIANHUA: On the Role of Lu-Ninurta in Hammurapi’s Administrative Structure (111–122)


Terence DuQuesne, Black and Gold God. Colour Symbolism of the God Anubis with Observations on the Phenomenology of Colour in Egyptian and Comparative Religion; A. El Goresy & S. Schiegl, and A. Niwiński. Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology V: Who Knows the Color of God? (EDMUND S. MELTZER) (123–130)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1995–1996, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (131)


The Announcement of the Second International Conference on Ancient World History (133)

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