Journal of Ancient Civilizations


YANG, ZHENHONG (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): The Concepts of “Li (礼)” and “Fa (法)” as well as their Legal Expression in Ancient China as Seen in the Excavated Qin and Han Documents: A Discussion of the Theory of the Confucianization of Ancient Chinese Law (1–64)

VAN WIJLICK, HENDRIKUS (Peking Universtiy, Beijing): Constructing Alliances: a New Perspective on Mark Antony’s Parthian Campaign of 36 BC (65–71)

HEIL, MATTHÄUS / SCHULZ, RAIMUND (FU Berlin / University of Bielefeld): Who Was Maes Titianus? (72–84)

LÜ, HOULIANG (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences): World Citizens vs. People Chosen by God: Josephus between Judaism and the Roman Empire (85–116)

KOLB, ANNE / SPEIDEL, MICHAEL A. (Universities of Zürich and Bern): Perceptions from Beyond: Some Observations on Non-Roman Assessments of the Roman Empire from the Great Eastern Trade Routes (117–149)

LIU, YIN (University of Notre Dame): Admonition, Episcopal Authority and the Use of the Carolingian Past: Hincmar’s De Ordine Palatii in Context (150–169)


Nicole Maria Brisch. 2007. Tradition and the Poetics of Innovation: Sumerian Court Literature of the Larsa Dynasty (c. 2003–1763 BCE). Alter Orient und Altes Testament 339. Münster: Ugarit-Verlag (MEI, HUALONG) (170–178)

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