Journal of Ancient Civilizations

Foreword (1–2)


ZHOU, GUCHENG / WU, YUJIN / LIN, ZHICHUN: The Void in the Study of Ancient Civilizations in Our Country Must Be Filled (3–11)

WU, YUHONG: A Horse-bone Inscription Copied from the Cyrus Cylinder (line 18–21) in the Palace Museum in Beijing (13–20)

HANNIG, RAINER H. G.: Der Kernbereich des Mittelägyptischen Verbalsystems I. Die Infinitivtempora (21–125)

COLE, STEVEN W.: Four Early Neo-Babylonian Lists Officials and Professions from Nippur (127–143)

HANNIG, RAINER H. G. / HUANG, R .F. / LING, HU R. M.: A Note on the Use of Egyptian Prepositions (145–147)

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