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Journal of Ancient Civilizations (JAC) 2018

Journal of Ancient Civilizations (JAC)


The JOURNAL OF ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS (JAC; ISSN: 1004-9371) is published annually by the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations.

JAC provides a forum for the discussion of various aspects of the cultural and historical processes in the Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean world, encompassing studies of individual civilizations as well as common elements, contacts and interactions among them (in such traditional fields as Assyriology, Classics, Egyptology, Hittitology, and Sinology among others). JAC aims at publishing the work of international scholars while also providing a showcase for the finest Chinese scholarship, and so welcomes articles dealing with history, philology, art, archaeology and linguistics which are intended to illuminate the material culture and society of the ancient Near East, the Mediterranean region, and ancient China. Articles discussing other cultures will be considered for publication only if they are clearly relevant to the ancient Mediterranean world, the Near East and China. Information about new discoveries and current scholarly events is also welcome. Publishers are encouraged to send articles or review copies of books in relevant fields.

We owe our peer reviewers, experts in the specific fields from all over the world, a deep debt of gratitude for their contribution to JAC. A list of the peer reviewers will be published in the printed version of JAC as well as here on the webpage from time to time.

If you want to submit an article to JAC, we are pleased to offer you guidelines as well as a style sheet for download.

All communications, manuscripts, disks and books for review should be sent to the Editor in Chief, Prof. Dr. Qiang Zhang, or the Chief Executive Director, Prof. Dr. Sven Günther, M.A.


Contact details:

Journal of Ancient Civilizations (JAC)

c/o Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (IHAC)

Northeast Normal University

5268 Renmin Street

130024 Changchun

Jilin Province

People’s Republic of China

Editor in Chief: Prof. Dr. Qiang Zhang (email: xiaoheizhang@hotmail.com)

Chief Executive Director: Prof. Dr. Sven Günther, M.A. (email: sveneca@aol.com)

CONTENT OF VOLUMES 1 (1986) to 32/2 (2017)


Volume 1, 1986

Foreword (1-2)


Zhou Gucheng / Wu Yujin / Lin Zhichun: The Void in the Study of Ancient Civilizations in Our Country Must Be Filled (3-11)

Wu Yuhong: A Horse-bone Inscription Copied from the Cyrus Cylinder (line 18-21) in the Palace Museum in Beijing (13-20)

Rainer H. G. Hannig: Der Kernbereich des Mittelägyptischen Verbalsystems I. Die Infinitivtempora (21-125)

Steven W. Cole: Four Early Neo-Babylonian Lists Officials and Professions from Nippur (127-143)

Rainer H. G. Hanning / Huang R.F. / Ling Hu R. M.: A Note on the Use of Egyptian Prepositions (145-147)



Volume 2, 1987


Rainer H. G. Hannig: Modelle zum mittelägyptischen Tempussystem. Ein Überblick: 1928-1982 (1-46)

Yang Dawu: Hammurapi and Bureaucracy. A Study of the Role of Šamaš-Hāzir (47-84)

Gong Yushu: Ergativität und das Sumerische. Eine Einführung in die Ergativität im allgemeinen und die Ergativität im Submerischen (85-120)

Yang Zhi: The Name of the City Adab (121-125)

Bernhard Kytzler: In medio mihi Caesar erit. Beobachtungen zur Strukturierung vergilischer Dichtungen (126-130)


Xue Shenwei: Brief Note on the Bone Cuneiform Inscriptions (131-134)


Grimal, Vergil (Bernhard Kytzler) (135-137)

Petersmann (ed.), Walther Kraus, Aus Allem Eines. Studien zur antiken Geistesgeschichte (Bernhard Kytzler) (138)

Altheim-Stiehl / Rosenbach (ed.), Beiträge zur altitalischen Geistesgeschichte. Festschrift Radke (Bernhard Kytzler) (138-142)



Volume 3, 1988

Editor’s Note


Yang Zhi: The Excavation of Adab (1-21)

Yang Dawu: Length in Proto-Semitic (22-34)

William Brashear: A Christian Amulet (35-45)

Fritz-Heiner Mutschler: Politics and Privacy in Horace’s Odes (46-58)

Shen Chen: A Survey of Current Chinese Archaeology (59-80)


Shi Quan: International Academic Conference on the History and Culture of the Ancient State of Chu, Opening Speech (81-84)


Knapp, The History and Culture of Ancient Western Asia and Egypt (Yang Dawu / Yang Zhi) (85-89)



VOLUME 4, 1989

Editor’s Note


Allyn Kelley: The Current Status of Egyptian Archaeology. Part I: Palaeogeographical and Palaeoclimatological Considerations (1-28)

Renate Műller-Wollerman: Sanktionen zur Regelung staatlicher Arbeiten im Ăgypten des Neuen Reichs (29-38)

Johan de Roos: KBo 33-216. A Votive Text of Tuthaliaš IV (39-48)

Wu Yuhong: The Locality of the Four Cities in ARM 1 138 and 131 and the Date of the Two Letters (49-54)

Yang Zhi: The King Lugal-Ane-Mundu (55-60)

William Brashear: Rezept (61-80)

Fritz-Heiner Mutschler: Four Poems of Horace Concerning Augustus (81-114)

Werner Schubert: Achaemenides und Macareus. Ovids Kunst des Erzählens in Met. 14,154-440 (115-126)


Hofmann (ed.), Groningen Colloquia on the Novel. Volume 1 (IHAC) (127-129)



VOLUME 5, 1990

Editor’s Preface


Hao Jitao: Bibliography of Works by Prof. Lin Zhichun (Ri Zhi) (1-8)

Gong Yushu: Kalakku. Überlegungen zur Mannigfaltigkeit der Darstellungsweisen desselben Begriffs in der Keilschrift anhand des Beispiels Kalakku (9-24)

Wu Yuhong: Did the Assyrian King List Attempt to Prove the Legitimacy of Šamši-Adad? (25-38)

Billie Jean Collins: Hittite šaša- (39-48)

Jin Jie: The Šahhan Festival (49-76)

Li Xiwen (Silvin Košak): Night and Day, In War and in Peace (77-86)

Johan de Roos: To the East or to the West? Some Comments on Wind Directions in Hittite Texts (87-96)

Rainer Hannig: Ein Analytisches Beschreibungsmodell (97-124)

Allyn Kelley: Perspectives on Egyptian History (125-134)

Edmund S. Meltzer: ’ IW WN/ NN WN + Indefinite Noun in Middle Egyptian (135-150)

William Brashear: Prescription (151-158)

Huang Yang: Athenian Democracy: Some Problems in Recent Studies (159-178)

Bernhard Kytzler: In medio mihi Caesar erit. II. Zur Struktur der Aeneis (179-186)

Fritz-Heiner Mutschler: Seneca’s De vita beata (187-206)


Rice, Pottery Analysis: A Sourcebook (Allyn Kelley) (207-210)

Hayes, A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts (Yang Zhi) (211-216)



VOLUME 6, 1991

Editor’s Note


Trevor Bryce: The Trojan War in Its Near Eastern Context (1-22)

Rainer Hannig: Die Erste Parabel des “Lebensmüden” (LM68-80) (23-32)

George Huxley: Cities Given by Kyros to Pytharchos (33-36)

Werner Schuberl: Zur Sage von Hercules und Cacus bei Vergil (Aen. 8,184-279) und Ovid (Fast. 1,543-586) (37-60)

Shen Chen: The Mushabian Relationships with the Geometric Kebaran and the the Natufian (61-96)

Lilia Bayun: Hittito-Luwian Historical Phonology (97-122)



Volume 7, 1992

Editor’s Note


Hanna Roszkowska-Mutschler: “…and on its site I sowed cress…” Some Remarks on the Execration of Defeated Enemy Cities by the Hittite Kings (1-12)

Charles Crowther: The Decline of Greek Democracy? (13-48)

Li Ping: Was heißt es, der Natur zu folgen? Reflexionen über die Ethiklehre von Seneca und Konfuzius bzw. Menzius (49-66)

Paul Pascal: A Medieval Poet and His Society (67-76)

Victoria Ukolova: Three Defeats or The Happy Life of Flavius Cassiodorus (77-108)

Luigi Capogrossi-Colognesi: R. von Jhering and the First Volume of the Geist des römischen Rechts (109-120)

Alexander Militarev and Victor Shnirelman: The Problem of a Proto-Afrasian Homeland and Culture (An Essay in Linguo-Archaeological Reconstruction) (121-130)

Lilia Bayun: A Phrygian Word in Hieroglyphic Luwian (131-140)


Maya Vassileva: The Sixth International Congress of Thracology (141)

Maya Vassileva: The Second International Symposium for Thracian Studies (142)

Gong Xiuhua: The 1992 Meeting of the Chinese Society of Ancient and Medieval World History (143-144)

M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations, 1988-1992, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (145-147)



Volume 8, 1993

Editor’s Note


Lin Zhichun, Zhou Gucheng, Wu Yujin, Zhang Zhenglang, Hu Houxuan, Zhou Yiliang, Ren Jiyu, Zhang Zhongpei, Liu Jiahe: The Study of Classics in China and the West (1-24)

Gary Beckman: From Cradle to Grave: Women’s Role in Hittite Medicine and Magic (25-39)

Charles Crowther: Foreign Judges in Seleucid Cities (GIBM 421) (40-77)

Hao Jitao: Peasant and State in Classical Athens and Zhou China: A Comparative Survey (78-104)

H. Craig Melchert: A New Anatolian ‘Law of Finals’ (105-113)

Wu Yuhong: The Extent of Turukkean Raids during the Reign of Šamši-Adad I (114-126)

Iris von Bredow: Zum Problem der namenlosen Gottheiten nach altanatolischen Quellen (127-135)


Ivan Venedikov, The Birth of the Gods (Maya Vassileva) (136-140)

Hans G. Güterbrock / Harry A. Hoffner (ed.), The Hittite Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Volume L-N. fasc. 1-4 (Lilia Bayun) (141-146)


Professor Wu Yujin (1913-1993) (147)


Ph.D. Dissertation 1993, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (148)



Volume 9, 1994

Editor’s Note


Lilia Bayun: The Legend about the Queen of Kanis: a Historical Source? (1-13)

Charles Crowther: Lord Dufferin’s Grand Tour and the Collection of Greek Inscriptions at Clandeboye (14-32)

Charles Crowther: Foreign Courts on Kalymna in the Third Century B.C. (33-55)

Johannes Irmscher: Der Demokratismus der frühbyzantinischen Zirkusparteien (56-61)

Allyn Kelley: Foreign Domination and Cultural Absorption: a Comparison of Egypt’s African Pharaohs (Dynasty 25) and China’s Mongol Overlords (Yuan Dynasty) (62-74)

Bernhard Kytzler: “In medio mihi Caesar erit” III: Zu den Zentren der Eklogen Vergils (75-81)

Liu Jian: Hittite Women Singers: MUNUS zintuhiand MUNUSKI. SIKIL (82-94)

Edmund S. Meltzer: A Note on the Employment of the Dedication Formula IR.N.F M MNW.F for Non-Royal Individuals (95-98)

Vladimir Orel: Notes on Eteo-Cretan (99-103)

Johan de Roos: The Hittites and Their History (104-114)

Wang Yaping: Zur Entwicklung des Wiener Stadtrechts. im 13. Jahrhundert (115-123)

Wu Yuhong: The Treaty between Shadlash (Sumu-Numhim) and Neribtum (Hammi-Dushur) (124-136)

Zhang Qiang: The Origins of Seals and Sealings in China (137-143)


Sara E. Orel (ed.), Death and Taxes in the Ancient Near East, (Edmund S. Meltzer / Tova W. Meltzer) (144-149)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1993-1994, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (150)



Volume 10, 1995

Editor’s Note

Obituary: Hu Houxuan (1-2)


Hu Houxuan: Xia and the Tu State in the Oracle Inscriptions: A Consideration (3-20)

Lilia Bayun: Remarks on Hittite “Traditional Literature” (Cannibals in Northern Syria) (21-32)

Chen Xu: Hittite ker/kart- “Heart”: Functional and Ritual Aspects (33-40)

Terence DuQuesne: Openers of the Paths: Canid Psychopomps in Ancient Egypt and India (41-53)

Guo Dantong: The Inscription of Khnumhotpe II: a New Study (54-64)

Thomas G. Lee: A Table for Ištar (65-70)

Lin Zhichun: Huangdi, Gonghe, Confucius and Chen Wang: On the Classical Tradition of the Periodization of Ancient Chinese Classical Civilization (71-82)

Edmund S. Meltzer: An Observation on Nominal Sentence with N-Demostratives in Classical Egyptian (83-84)

Fritz-Heiner Mutschler: dialogi and epistulae. Observations on Seneca’s Development as a Philosophical Writer (85-100)

Antonio Pérez Largacha: Chiefs & Chiefdoms in Protodynastic Egypt (101-110)

P. Ruth Taylor-Briggs: Critical Observations on the Text of the Fourth Book of Valerius Flaccus’s Argonautica (111-126)

Wu Yuhong: High-ranking “Scribes” and Intellectual Governors during the Akkadian and Ur III Periods (127-146)


Hu Houxuan Gudai Chengbang Shi Yanjiu, “Xia and the Tu State in the Oracle Inscriptions: A Consideration”, pp. 340-353 (Ri Zhi) (147-148)

Renée Friedman / Barbara Adams (ed.), The Followers of Horus. Studies Dedicated to Michael Allen Hoffman (Edmund S. Meltzer) (149-154)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1994-1995, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (155)



Volume 11, 1996

Editor’s Note

Obituary: Zhou Gucheng (1-2)


Ding Xun: Tablet UET 6/II 398 (3-20)

Terence DuQuesne: The “Tonsured Ones” of Hathor (21-30)

Gong Changwei / Liu Jian: Court Institutions of the Western Zhou Dynasty Reflected in the Inscription on the Xiaoyu-Ding-Cauldron (31-42)

Bernhard Kytzler: Sola Fida Suis: Die Hypsiple-Erzählung des Statius (Thebias, Buch 5) (43-52)

Edmund S. Meltzer: Egyptian df3 “Purify, Wipe Away”= Semitic kpr? (53-56)

Duane W. Roller: Augustan Literary Circles and Herod the Great (57-64)

Wu Yuhong: The Ewes without Lambs and Lambs Cooked in É-uz-ga, “The Private House of Kings”, in the Drehem Archives (65-110)

Zheng Dianhua: On the Role of Lu-Ninurta in Hammurapi’s Administrative Structure (111-122)


Terence DuQuesne, Black and Gold God. Colour Symbolism of the God Anubis with Observations on the Phenomenology of Colour in Egyptian and Comparative Religion; A. El Goresy & S. Schiegl, and A. Niwiński. Oxfordshire Communications in Egyptology V: Who Knows the Color of God? (Edmund S. Meltzer) (123-130)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1995-1996, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (131)


The Announcement of the Second International Conference on Ancient World History (133)



Volume 12, 1997


Editor’s Note


Marco Angelini: Did Protagoras have an Epistemology? (1-10)

Robert L. Chard: Ancient Religion in China and the West Compared (11-24)

Stephoanie Dalley: Babylonian Influence in the Far East through the Buddha and Mani (25-36)

J. de Roos: Anatolia and the Etruscans (37-44)

Hao Jitao: A Survey on the ἀήρ of Anaximenes and the Qi Doctrines of Ancient China (45-56)

Antony G. Keen: Eurymedon, Naxos and the Purpose of the Delian League (57-80)

Lester J. Ness: The Zodiac in the Synagogue (81-92)

B. Oded: Cutting down Orchards in Assyrian Royal Inscription – The Historiographic Aspect (93-98)

W.Z. Rubinsohn: Macedon and Greece: The Case of Thebes (99-124)

David Warburton: Kadesh and the Egyptian Empire (125-148)

Wu Yuhong: The “Caterpillar-and-Herb” in Chinese Medicine and in Mesoptamian Medicine (149-152)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1996-1997, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (153)



Volume 13, 1998

Editor’s Note


Lucien-Jean Bord: Lecture juridique du kudurru BM 90827 (1-20)

Kevin Croxen: A Philological Examination of the “Thessalian Trick” and Greek Eclipse Terminology with Reference to the Early Development of Greek Astronomy (21-38)

Leo Depuydt: “Far Toward”: a Common Hieroglyphic Idiom (39-46)

Sheila M. Elsdon: The Iron Age Mint of the Corieltauvi: Old Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England (47-58)

Sheldon Gosline: Quarry Setting and Team Marks: The Carian Connection (59-82)

Guo Dantong: The Relationships of Egypt and the Western Asia during the Middle kingdom Reflected in the Inscription of Amenemhet II from Memphis (83-90)

Hao Jitao: Who were the Hyrnathii? (91-92)

Antony G. Keen: Persian Policy in the Aegean, 412-386 B.C. (93-110)

Liu Yanhu and Sheldon Gosline: Redefining the Study of Egyptian Hieratic (111-130)

Wu Yuhong: The Slave Hairstyle: Elamite and Other Foreign Hairstyles in the 3rd and 2nd Millenia (131-138)


Shua Amorai-Stark, Wolfe Family Collection of Near Eastern Prehistoric Stamp Seals (Sheldon L. Gosline) (139-140)

Chet van Duzer, Duality and Structure in the Iliad and Odyssey (Christopher Ehrhardt) (141-143)

Fritz Graf, Magic in the Ancient World (Lester J. Ness) (144-146)

Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Ancient Cities of the Indus Valley Civilization (Sheldon L. Gosline) (147-151)

Peter Lacovara, The New Kingdom Royal City (Sheldon L. Gosline) (152-153)

Karl Strobel, Die Galater (Lester J. Ness) (154-157)

William Smith Watt (ed.), Velleius Paterculus: Historiarum libri duo (Wu Yange) (158)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1997-1998, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (159)



Volume 14, 1999

Editor’s Note


Christopher Ehrhardt: Sea Power, Economic Development, and Athens’ Popularity (1-18)

Carlos Espejo Muriel: Achilles and Patroclus in Love. New Contributions to Greek Funeral Ritual (19-26)

Sheldon Gosline: Form and Function of Egyptian Bread Moulds (27-44)

Guo Dantong: The Inscription of Amenemhet II from Memphis: Transliteration, Translation, and Commentary (45-66)

F. M. A. Jones: Parts versus Whole: The Perception of the Corporal as Personal (67-86)

Li Xiaodong: Philosophical Thinking of Ma’at and Dào (87-94)

Linghu Ruoming: The Deities seen from the Objects in Pre-Dynastic Egypt (95-100)

Gilza Saldanha da Gama: La Batracomiomachie et l’ Iliad: Une guerre entre deux mondes (101-110)

Susan O. Shapiro: Hippon the Athiest: The Surprisingly Intelligent Views of Samos (111-124)

Magnus Widell: Der Mondgott Sîn in der altakkadischen Periode (125-144)


Edwin M. Yamauchi: Martin Bernal’s Black Athena Revisited (145-152)


Steve Sidebotham / Wilhelmina Wendrich (ed.), Berenike ’96. Report of the Excavations at Berenike and the Survey of the Eastern Desert (Farouk al-Rawi) (153)

Sheldon Lee Gosline, Hieratic Paleography 1: Introductory Late Egyptian (Katja Reinhardt) (154-155)

B. Haring / R. Maaijer (ed.), Landless and Hungry? (Sheldon Gosline) (156)

A. C. V. M. Bongenaar, The Neo-Babylonian Ebabbar Temple at Sippar: Its Administration and its Prosopography (Wu Yuhong) (157-161)

David P. Silverman (ed.), Searching for Ancient Egypt: Art, Architecture, and Artefacts from the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Sheldon Gosline) (162-163)

Maria Brosius / Amelie Kuhrt (ed.), Studies in Persian History: Essays in Memory of David M. Lewis (Christopher Ehrhardt) (164-166)

Shannon N. Byrne / Edmund P. Cueva (ed.), Veritatis amicitiaeque causa: Essays in Honor of Anna Lydia Motto and John R. Clark (Lester Ness) (167-169)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1998-1999, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (170)

90th Birthday of Professor Lin Zhichun, founder of the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (171)

Errata for JAC 13 (172)

Books Received (173)



Volume 15, 2000

Editor’s Note


Shannon Byrne: Poets and Maecenas: The Making of a Patron (1-12)

Edmund Cueva: Necrologies in Tacitus (13-28)

Sheldon Gosline: What Do You Do? Reflections on (Post)-Processualism (29-42)

George W. M. Harrison: The Byzantine Efflorescence in Crete (43-49)

Katja Reinhardt: Babas Drohung (51-58)

Magnus Widell: Some Consideration on the Meating of giš bi2-(in)-DU3 in the Royal Inscription of Utu-hegal (59-68)

Wu Yange / Victoria A. Russel: Philo On the Embassy 80: Caligula Dressing as Heroes (69-78)

Wu Yuhong: How Did They Change from Mašda Years to Akiti Years from Šulgi 45 to Šulgi 48 in Puzriš-Dagan (79-92)


I. J. Vanstiphout (ed.), All those Nations…Cultural Encounters within and with the Near East (Lester Ness) (93-96)

Lucy Goodison / Christine Morris (ed.), Ancient Goddesses. The Myths and Evidence (Carol Hershenson) (97-103)

Bert Roest / Herman Vanstiphout (ed.), Aspects of Genre and Type in Pre-Modern Literary Cultures (Sheldon Gosline) (104-108)

Barbara Lesko, The Great Goddesses of Egypt (Katja Reinhardt) (109-112)

J. C. Yardley / Waldemar Heckel (ed.), Justin, Epitome of the Philippic of Pompeius Trogus Books 11-22, text and commentary (Xu Xiaoxu) (113-118)

D. R. Shipley (ed.), Plutarch’s ‘Life of Agesilaos’: Response to Sources in the Presentation of Character, text and commentary (George W. M. Harrison) (119-121)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 1999-2000, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (122)



Volume 16, 2001

Editor’s Note


Linghu Ruoming: Xia Nai, An Early Pioneer in the Field of Egyptology in China (1-4)

Geoff Adams: Licinius Sura, Dio and the not so Acephalous ILS 1022 (5-8)

Pat Wheatley: Three Missing Years in the Life of Demetrius the Besieger: 310-308 B.C. (9-20)

Chen Ke Feng: Differences Between Caesar’s Two Invasions of Britain (21-30)

Magnus Widell: Kud-da May be Innocent! An Ur III Lawsuit Dealing with Sheep Robbery Revised (31-36)

Gebhard J. Selz: Sex, Crime, and Politics. Zur Interpretation Sumerischer Literaturwerke. Uberlegungen zu Inana-k und Sukaletuda (37-58)

Corey C. Ray: Understanding the Ancient Egyptians: An Examination of Living Creature Hierohlyphs (59-86)

Guo Honggeng: The Mysterious Four-faced Statue (OIM A719) (87-92)

James J. Stewart: The Chang in Cartimandua’s Character in Annals 12.40 and Histories 3.45 (93-100)

WuYuhong: Lugalanda’s Economic Reform in House of Lady in Girsu (101-128)


Barbara Levick, Vespasian (James Stewart) (129-130)

Elissa Castel, Egipto: Signos y Símboles de lo Sagrado (Corey C. Ray) (131-132)

Marc van de Mieroop, Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History (Gao Lei) (133-135)

D. Rohl (ed.), The Following of Horu: Eastern Desert Survey Report, vol. I (Sheldon Gosline) (136)

E. D. Oren (ed.), The Sea Peoples and their World: A Reassesment (Sheldon Gosline) (137-138)

David Brown, Mesopotamian Planetary Astronomy-Astrology (Lester Ness) (139-141)

INDEX FOR JAC, WOLUMES 1-15 (143-150)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2000-2001, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (151)



Volume 17, 2002

Editor’s Note


Guo Dantong: The Relationship Between Egypt and Palestine in the Early Bronze Age (ca. 3400-2000 BCE) (1-6)

Peter Beylage: Propaganda in Ancient Egyptian Texts: An Attempt at Definition (7-12)

Shamus Sillar: The Eastern Expedition of Lucius Verus (AD162-166) (13-38)

Ronald Newbold: Ridicule, Insults and Abuse in Ammianus and Gregory of Tours (39-58)

Andrew C. Sneddon: Worlds within Worlds: Perceptions of Space, Place and Landscape in Ancient Greece (59-76)

Gong Yushu: A Homonymous List: Idu II (CT 11, 29-32,D.T.40) (77-98)

Magnus Widell: Reconstructing the Early History of the Ur III State: Some Methodological Considerations of the Use of Year Formulae (99-112)

Wu Yuhong: The Calendar Synchronization and the Intercalary Months in Umma, Puzriš-Dagan, Nippur, Lagaš and Ur during the Ur III Period (113-134)


Pat Southern, Augustus (Wang Guiling) (135)

Kathleen McCarthy, Slaves, Masters and the Art of Authority in Plautine Comedy (James Stewart) (136-138)

Stephen R. Wilk, Medusa: Solving the Mystery of the Gorgon (Xu Xiaoxu) (139-143)

Rhiannon Ash, Ordering Anarchy: Leaders and Armies in Tacitus’ Histories (Zhang Nan) (144-145)

Gary Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts. 2nd edition (Li Zheng) (146-148)


The Development of Egyptology in China (Linhu Ruoming) (149-151)

M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2001-2002, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (152)

Books Received (153)



Volume 18, 2003


Gong Yushu: The Names of Cuneiform Signs (1-22)

Wu Yuhong: The Nippur Bankers’ Archives during the Ur III Period (23-52)

Igor Sviatopolk-Tchetvertynski: Notes on the Structure of the Incantation of Maqlû Series (53-62)

Guo Dantong: The Relationship between Egypt and Syria- Palestine in the Late Bronze Age (ca.1550/1500 –1200 BCE) (63-74)

Farhang Khademi Nadooshan, Ali Reza Qaderi, Rohollah Yousefi: Disappearing of Greek Legends in the North East of Iran (75-82)

Gong Xiuhua: The Effects of the Punic Wars on Rome (83-92)

Michele Valerie Ronnick: Enargeia in Cicero’s Paradoxa Stoicorum (93-96)

James J. Stewart: Who Surrendered to Claudius at Camulodunum in A.D. 43? (97-102)

Victor Rebrik: Sources of the Excursus about the Jews (Tacitus, Historiae V, 1-10) (103-112)

G. W. Adams: The Connection between Romano-CelticTemples and Rural Romanised Villas in Britain: an Examination of Some Possible Sites in Gloucestershire (113-122)


Clifford Ando, Roman Religion (Victor Rebrik) (123)

J. Scheid, An Introduction to Roman Religion (Victor Rebrik) (124)

M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2003, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (125)

Books Received (126)



Volume 19, 2004

Editor’s note


Wu Yuhong: Donkey Fodders of the House of the Lady and Decline of Urukagina’s Regime from His Fifth Year (1-20)

Yuan Zhihui: Amurru’s Expansion and Egypt’s Response in the Amarna Age (21-32)

Turgut Yiğit: Sequence of Internal Events During the Foundation Period of the Hittite Kingdom (33-44)

Mirco Hüneburg: Privatbesitz und Amtsbesitz der ägyptischen Nomarchen im Mittleren Reich (45-58)

Marie-Françoise Besnier: Vegetation in Mesopotamian temple precincts: gardens, “sacred groves” or potted plants? (59-88)

Guo Dantong: The Relationship between Egypt and Palestine in the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2000-1550/1500 BCE.) (89-100)

Victor Rebrik: Zur Frage der kartwelo-sumerischen Sprachenfamilie (101-124)

Chen Kefeng: A Perspective of the senatus consultum ultimum in the Late Roman Republic from the Constitutional Point of View (125-132)


Pierre Brulé, Women of Ancient Greece (Guo Xia) (133-134)

R. J. Rhodes, Athenian Democracy (Victor Rebrik) (135)

R. Rees, Diocletian and the Tetrarchy (Victor Rebrik) (136)

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Books received (140)



Volume 20, 2005

Editor’s note


Wu Yuhong: Food and Drink for the King, Queen, Officials and Ancestors in the House of the Lady in Girsu (1-30)

Turgut Yiğit: A Note on the Administrative System of the Old Hittite Kingdom (31-36)

Marie-Françoise Besnier: Quelques remarques sur les paysages de Sumer (37-60)

Oliver Wehr: “Helen of Argos” and “Argeioi” in the Iliad (61-84)

Mirco Hüneburg: Nördliche und südliche Temehu (85-97)

Hülya Boyana: The City of Nicomedeia and the Goddess Demeter (99-112)

Herbert A. Storck: Ganibâtum & Gnbtyw (113-124)

Peter Beylage: Elliptische Identifikationssätze als Bildungselement ägyptischer Eulogien und Hymnen (125-146)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2005, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (147)

Books received (148)



Volume 21, 2006

Editor’s note


Wu Yuhong: Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Calves and Ducks in the House of The Lady in Girsu (1-28)

Wayne Horowitz: Cuneiform in Canaan (29-40)

Oliver Wehr: The Judgement of Paris in Homer (41-60)

Zhang Bo: The Sed-Festival and Ancient Egyptian Chronology (61-90)

Ruoming Linghu: On the Establishment of the Unified State in Ancient Egypt (91-98)

Peter Beylage: Zur inhaltlichen Struktur des Berichtes Ramses’ II. über die Schlacht bei Qadesh (99-112)


Cui Lina / Guo Xiaoling: A Review of Peter J. Rhodes (ed.), Athenian Democracy (113-118)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2006, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (119-120)

Books Received (121)

Corrigendum (122)



Volume 22, 2007


Tohru Ozaki: Six Sumerian Cuneiform Texts in Japan (1-8)

Tohru Ozaki: Regarding the Name of the Month ‘iti ezem a dara4’ in Ur III Texts (9-22)

Richard J Dumbrill: Babylonian Theonumerics and Scale Systems (23-34)

Leon Crickmore: A New Hypothesis for the Construction and Tuning of Babylonian Musical Scales (35-68)

Wu Yuhong: Etymology of Akkadian Month of Ayyaru and Sumerian iti-gud-si~sá (69-74)

Wu Yuhong: The Sun the Lion: Earliest Hymn to the Sun from Ebla and Abu-Salabikh (2600–2500) (75-90)

Adam Marshall: Horace and the Life of Leisure: A Commentary on Sermones2.6.1-76 (91-130)

Oliver Wehr: Eine Anspielung auf die Aeneas-Sage in Horaz Epode 16? (131-140)


Lowell Edmunds (ed.), Approaches to Greek Myth (Wang Shaohui) (141-148)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2006–2007, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (149)

Books received (150)



Volume 23, 2008


Wu Yuhong: Naram-ili, Šu-Kabta and Nawir-ilum in the Archives of Ĝaršana, Puzriš-Dagan and Umma (1-36)

Filip Vukosavović: Private Collection of Cuneiform Tablets in Jerusalem (37-54)

Tohru Ozaki: Three Early Dynastic Sumerian Sales Contracts of Immovables Housed in the Okayama Orient Museum (55-64)

Tohru Ozaki: The Texts Formerly Owned by St. Paul Public Library and Published in SET (65-70)

Nicolas Gailhard: The Exchanges of Copper in the Ancient Middle East (71-95)

Adam Marshall: Law and Luxury in Augustan Rome (TACITUS, ANNALS 3.53-4) (97-117)

Geoff Adams: An Analysis of Antoninus Pius’ Frontier Policy in Northern Britain and Its Representation of His Principate (119-137)

Hülya Boyana: Die Verfassung des Bundes von Delos und die Vorherrschaft Athens (139-149)

Kristina Hein: Der Mordfall Skarabäus: Ägyptologie in der Kriminalliteratur des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts – ein außergewöhnliches Beispiel (151-159)


Douglas Cairns et al., Pursuing the Good, Ethics and Metaphysics in Plato’s Republic (Lu Houliang / Guo Xiaoling) (161-164)


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Volume 24, 2009


Wu Yuhong: The Earliest Slavery Documents from Mesopotamia (1-34)

Russell Hobson: A Copy of Copy of Mul.apin from a Private Library at Ashur (35-38)

Wayne Horowitz: Babylonian Wisdom Literature and the Marduk Cycle: Preliminary Thoughts (39-54)

Tohru Ozaki: Cuneiform Texts in Japanese Collections (55-76)


Isaac Kalimi, An Ancient Israelite Historian: Studies in the Chronicler, His Time, Place and Writing (Chen Yiyi) (77)

Fritz Graf, Apollo (Wang Shaohui) (78-80)

Claude Mossé, Alexander: Destiny and Myth (Li Yongbin) (81-84)

Pierre Brule, Women of Ancient Greece (Lu Jing and Guo Xiaoling) (85-88)


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Archives of Animal Center of Ur-III Dynasty in Drehem: AACUD Project in IHAC (2005-2010) (90-91)

Books Received (92)

The Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Periodic Publications on Ancient Civilizations (92)


Volume 25, 2010


Wu Yuhong: The Anonymous Nasa and Nasa of the Animal Center during Šulgi 44-48 and the Wild Camel (gú-gur5), Hunchbacked Ox (gur8-gur8), ubi, habum and the Confusion of the Deer (lulim) with Donkey (anše) or šeg9 (1-20)

Yigal Bloch: Solving the Problems of the Assyrian King List: Toward a Precise Reconstruction of Middle Assyrian Chronology, Part I (21-54)

Yigal Bloch: Solving the Problems of the Assyrian King List: Toward a Precise Reconstruction of Middle Assyrian Chronology, Part II (55-88)

Juan Pablo Sánchez Hernández: Livia, Gaius and Lucius Caesares, and the “Twin Lights” of the Pax Augusta (89-98)


Xinru Liu, The Silk in World History, and John E. Hill, Through the Jade Gate to Rome. A Study of the Silk Routes during the Later Han Dinasty 1st to 2nd Centuries CE (J. P. Sánchez Hernández) (99-102)

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Archives of Animal Center of Ur-III Dynasty in Drehem: AACUD Project in IHAC (2005-2010) (109-110)

Books Received (111)



Volume 26, 2011


Wu Yuhong: 19 Years’ Finance of the Household of Geme-lamma, the High Priestess of Baba in Girsu of Ur III (Š31-AS1=2065-2046 B.C.) (1-39)

Wang Junna / Wu Yuhong: A Research on the Incoming (mu-túm) Archive of Queen Šulgi-simti’s Animal Institution (41-60)

Juan Pablo Sánchez Hernández: Pausanias on Caria and Lycia. Past and Present in Roman South-Western Anatolia (61-78)

Xu Hao: The Inspections of Viziers in Deir El-Medina: Analysis of Administrative Documents in Ramesside Period (19th-20th Dynasty) (79-101)


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Line Overmark Juul, Oracular Tales in Pausanias. University of Southern Denmark Classical Studies 23 (J. P. Sánchez Hernández) (106-108)


M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2011, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (109-110)

Archives of Animal Center of Ur-III Dynasty in Drehem: AACUD Project in IHAC (2005-2010) (111-112)

Books received (112)

The Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Periodic Publications on Ancient Civilizations (113)



Volume 27, 2012


Henri J. M. Claessen: On Early States – Structure, Development, and Fall (1-37)

Guo Zilin: Conflict, Communication and Co-Existence: Relations between Ptolemaic Egypt and Seleucids (38-60)

Xiaodong Li: Connecting Past and Future: Analysis of the Wall Decoration in the Tomb of the Vizier Paser (61-98)

Yuhong Wu / Junna Wang: The Identification of Šulgi-simti, Wife of Šulgi, with Abi-simti, Mother of Amar-Sin and Šu-Sin, and of Ur-Sin, the Crown Prince, with Amar-Sin (99-130)


Guoling Jiang: Notes on Lugal-Ma2 Gur8-Re: A Scribe and a Textile Dealer in Nippur, AS 8-ŠS 4 (131-139)

Tohru Ozaku: On the Reading of the Sumerian Word for “Wool” (140-142)


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M.A. and Ph.D. Dissertations 2012, Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations, Northeast Normal University, Changchun (157-158)



Volume 28, 2013


Henri Claessens: Easter Island: The Evolution of its Culture until the Destructions of the Nineteenth Century (1-21)

Kim Ridealgh: You do Not Listen to Me! Face-Work and the Position of ‘Senior’ Scribe of the Necropolis? (22-40)

Elizabeth Wheat: The Labyrinth Symbol in Ancient Mesopotamia (41-64)

Yuhong Wu / Cheng Yanli: The Pairs of Cooks in the Royal Dining Hall and the Akiti Calendar during Šulgi 45–48 (65-103)


Guozhong Liu: The Collection of Tsinghua Bamboo Slips (TBS) and Their Scholarly Value (105-113)

Xueqin Li: An Important Discovery Concerning the Origin of the Qin People in the Tsinghua Bamboo Manuscripts (114-120)

Ping’an Zhao: Why Was Jilian (季連) not Listed as One of the Three Ancestors of Chu (三楚先)? (121-135)


Ozaki Tohru / Sigrist Marcel, Tablets in Jerusalem: Sainte-Anne and Saint-Étienne (Changyu Liu) (136-139)

George Coedès, Texts of Greek and Latin Authors on the Far East: Texts Revised and Translated by John Sheldon with Contributions by N. Samuel, C. Lieu Faha & Gregory Fox,; John Sheldon, Commentary on George Coèdes’ Texts of Greek and Latin Authors on the Far East (J. P. Sánchez Hernández) (140-143)

Steven Sidebotham, Berenike and the Ancient Maritime Spice Route (J. P. Sánchez Hernández) (144-147)



Volume 29, 2014


Shi, Ningzhong: A Logic Originating from Yin-yang and Formed in Dao: A Tentative Study of the Logic of Thinking in Laozi (1-22)

Wu, Yuhong: Some Cuneiform Tablets in Jerusalem (23-30)

Engsheden, Åke: Creating an Etymology for Coptic tamio (31-35)

Ridealgh, Kim: The Cohesive Nature of the Late Ramesside Letters (36-49)

Winkler, Andreas: On the Longevity of the χοαχύται in Thebes and Elsewhere (50-62)

Grote, Oliver: ‘The Twenty of the Polis’ and the Drerian Phylai (63-76)

Günther, Sven: Framing the Financial Thoughts of Aeneas Tacticus: New Approaches of Theory to Economic Discourses in Antiquity (77-86)

Müller, Sabine: Arrian and Visual Arts (87-101)

Obryk, Matylda: Reflections on Language in Aristophanes’ Frogs (102-111)


Günther, Sven: Miscellaneum Caesarianum Socio-oeconomicum: War with Words in Caes. BC 3.3.1–2 (112-113)


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Past and Future of IHAC: International Conference for the 30th Anniversary of the Institute for the History of Ancient Civilizations (117-120)



Volume 30, 2015


Yang, Zhenhong: The Concepts of Li ( ) and Fa ( ) as well as their Legal Expression in Ancient China as Seen in the Excavated Qin and Han Documents: A Discussion of the Theory of the Confucianization of Ancient Chinese Law (1-64)

Van Wijlick, Hendrikus: Constructing Alliances: a New Perspective on Mark Antony’s Parthian Campaign of 36 BC (65-71)

Heil, Matthäus / Schulz, Raimund: Who Was Maes Titianus? (72-84)

Lü, Houliang: World Citizens vs. People Chosen by God: Josephus between Judaism and the Roman Empire (85-116)

Kolb, Anne / Speidel, Michael A.: Perceptions from Beyond: Some Observations on Non-Roman Assessments of the Roman Empire from the Great Eastern Trade Routes (117-149)

Liu, Yin: Admonition, Episcopal Authority and the Use of the Carolingian Past: Hincmar’s De Ordine Palatii in Context (150-169)


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Volume 31, 2016


LIU, CHANGYU: Aba-saga’s Activities during the Reign of Šulgi in the Ur III Dynasty (1-6)

BRAND, PETER J.: Reconstructing the Royal Family of Ramesses II and ist Hierarchical Structure (7-44)

YUE, MENGZHEN: Naming the Greeks in the Archaic Period: “Panhellenes,” “Hellenes,” “Hellas” and the Notion of Panhellenism (45-84)

KÜTER, ALEXA: Imitatio Alexandri – the Image of Drusus Minor on Brass Tokens of the Münzkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (85-122)

ABSTRACTS (123-124)



Volume 32/1, 2017


PALLAVIDINI, MARTA: The Hittite Word kuri/ewana-, kui/erwana-: A New Assessment (1-11)

HEKSTER, OLIVIER: Religion and Tradition in the Roman Empire: Faces of Power and Anchoring Change (13-34)

KIDSON, LYN M.: Anonymous Coins, the Great Persecution and the Shadow of Sossianus Hierocles (35-53)



GÜNTHER, SVEN: Introduction (55-67)

GÜNTHER, SVEN: Ancient Greece (69-81)

REINARD, PATRICK: Ancient Rome (Including Greco-Roman Egypt) (83-105)



MUTSCHLER, FRITZ-HEINER / SCHEIDEL, WALTER: The Benefits of Comparison: A Call for the Comparative Study of Ancient Civilizations (107-121)

GÜNTHER, SVEN: Ad diversas historias comparandas? A First, Short and Droysenbased Reply to Mutschler and Scheidel (123-126)


ABSTRACTS (127-129)



Volume 32/2, 2017


STEPHENS, MICHAEL: Some Thoughts on a Recently Discovered Obelisk Transportation Scene (131-146)

SCHULZ, RAIMUND: Over the Water and across the Desert – Trans-Saharan Contacts of the Mediterranean World in the 6th and 5th Century BC (147-174)

SCHROPP, JACK W. G.: Kaiser Tiberius im Bürgerkrieg: Zu einem Fragment Senecas bei Suet. Tib. 73,2 (175-184)



NEUMANN, HANS: Das alte Vorderasien (185-210)

KÖPP-JUNK, HEIDI: Zur Ökonomie Ägyptens bis zum Ende des Neuen Reiches (211-228)

ZHAO, YIFENG: The Formation and Features of the Ming / Qing Imperial Agro-mercantile Society (229-256)


ABSTRACTS (257-259)



Volume 33/1, 2018


PICCIN, MICHELA: Mortality and Fame in Akkadian Texts (1-25)

FALK, DAVID A.: “My Putrefaction is Myrrh:” The Lexicography of Decay, Gilded Coffins, and the Green Skin of Osiris (27-39)

RASHED, MOHAMED GAMAL: A New Concept and Exhibition Program for the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (41-82)

LÜ, HOULIANG: Dramatic Elements in Polybius’ General History: An Analysis Based on the Model of the Connectivity of the Ancient Mediterranean World (83-112)



SCHULZ, RAIMUND / WALTER, UWE: Bibliographical Survey: Global History, Entangled Areas, Cultural Contacts – and the Ancient World (115-130)

Review of: VICTOR H. MAIR et al. (eds.). 2014. Reconfiguring the Silk Road: New Research on East-West Exchange in Antiquity. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (Shi, Xueliang) (131-135)


ABSTRACTS (137-139)