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IHACOINS go Wechat – Students Create a New Approach to Ancient Times

Ancient coins were the mass media of its time. They combined various functions like medium of exchange, storage, measure-unit, standard but also visual potentialities – in form of information, assertion, representation, or even propaganda.Hence, they are most suitable to be integrated in a modern multifunctional tool: Wechat.

This was the starting point of our project seminar, where we worked one semester very hard – not only to create this multimedia and interactive exhibition of a part of the original coin collection in theInstitute for the History of Ancient Civilizations(IHAC), but also to learn and study the ancient background and use of money and coins.


I, as the project leader, am very proud of our students! They spent every Saturday, organized in workgroups, to approach these material relics. Persistence, self-control in time- and work-arrangement and, last but not least, happiness to discover the “next foreign world”, i.e. antiquity, were and are the virtues with which we have finished the project, and can offer our ancient heritage to you, the modern audience.

(Sven Günther)

List of Project Members

顾斯文  Sven Günther

刘书孟  Liu Shumeng

张红霞  Zhang Hongxia

吴  桐  Wu Tong

王正羽  Wang Zhengyu

张天缘  Zhang Tianyuan

张朵朵  Zhang Duoduo

马健程  Ma Jiancheng

李  洋  Li Yang

张  泽  Zhang Ze


Students’ Report: Work in the Numismatic Seminar

Scorching summer in Changchun, refreshing meeting in IHAC. Tasting the coins’ beauty, feeling the charm of Classics. Suddenly, we all feel cool.

A whole semester of numismatics’ course, with Sven’s and Elisabeth’s teaching, promoted our solidarity and cooperation. From March to June 2017, we took part in the project Seminar “IHAC – Numismatics goes web 3.0”. Firstly, we divided the whole coin collection of our IHAC into four parts and established four groups for working on it: Archaic and Classical Greece, Hellenistic times, Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Secondly, we researched and read many relevant studies and materials related to the four parts, and also collected a lot of information for the background of these specific coins. Finally, Zhang Hongxia and Zhang Ze wrote an introduction about the history of coinage and money; Liu Shumeng and Zhang Duoduo checked the materials and connected the individual description of each coin by a single student with the historical context of Greece and Rome; Wu Tong and Ma Jiancheng corrected the articles that everyone had written; Zhang Tianyuan, Wang Zhengyu and Li Yang provided the technical support so that people can now see our work in the web.


The class was accompanied by bird’s twitter and flagrance of flowers, and supported the work that brought us all together. Thus, we joint together in the classical times, and enjoyed the charm of our IHAC-coins.

(Zhang Duoduo / Wang Zhengyu / Li Yang)

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