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Journal of Ancient Civilizations (JAC) – Editorial Structure and List of Peer Reviewers

Editor in Chief:         

        Prof. Dr. Qiang ZHANG

Chief Executive Director:

        Prof. Dr. Sven GÜNTHER, M.A.

Executive Editors:       

        Dr. Irene BERTI

        Dr. Michela PICCIN

Editorial Board:         

        Prof. Dr. Gary BECKMAN (Ann Arbor, MI)

        Prof. Dr. Dantong GUO (Changchun)

        Prof. Dr. Wayne HOROWITZ (Mt. Scopus)

        Prof. Dr. Xiaodong LI (Changchun)

        Prof. Dr. Xueqin LI (Beijing)

        Prof. Dr. Yuhong WU (Changchun)

Assistant Editor:        

        Dr. Xueliang SHI